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A collection of longer texts that don't fit social media platforms.

This Site

On this site you will find posts on my blog in the Posts section, and maybe more elaborate documentation in the Docs section.

Here are some links to my social media and repositories:


You can find me on many Rust related Discord servers under the name "Weird Constructor".

You can also send me an E-Mail to, but keep in mind that I don't check E-Mail very often.

Of course you can also contact me on Mastodon or Instagram.

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Weird Constructor

Nice end 30 y/o guy, geek and F(L)OSS developer that messes with: Linux, Windows, Networking, Interpreters/Compilers, Games, Audio, Music, GUIs, C/C++, Rust, Scheme/Lisp, 3D printing, electronics and more.

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All the F(L)OSS development on my projects happens in my spare time. If you find what I do useful, entertaining or just want to support me, you can do this via Liberapay:

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