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A collection of longer texts that don't fit social media platforms.

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On this site you will find posts on my blog / devlog in the Posts section, and maybe more in depth stuff about projects and other things in the Pages section.

Here are some links to my social media and repositories:


You can find me on many Rust related Discord servers under the name "Weird Constructor".

You can also send me an E-Mail to, but keep in mind that I don't check E-Mail very often.

Of course you can also contact me on Mastodon or Instagram.

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Weird Constructor

Nice end 30 y/o guy, geek and F(L)OSS developer that messes with: Linux, Windows, Networking, Interpreters/Compilers, Games, Audio, Music, GUIs, C/C++, Rust, Scheme/Lisp, 3D printing, electronics and more.

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All the F(L)OSS development on my projects happens in my spare time. If you find what I do useful, entertaining or just want to support me, you can do this via Liberapay:

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