This repository is the home of WeirdConstructor's web based Go board. It's mainly for playing AI and analyzing Go/Baduk/Weiqi games. It's written in Rust and JavaScript.
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WeirdGoban - Web based Go board
# License
This project is licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License Version 3.
## Why (A)GPL?
Picking a license for my code bothered me for a long time. I read many
discussions about this topic. Read the license explanations. And discussed
this matter with other developers.
First about _why I write code for free_ at all:
- It's my passion to write computer programs. In my free time I can
write the code I want, when I want and the way I want. I can freely
allocate my time and freely choose the projects I want to work on.
- To help a friend or member of my family.
- To solve a problem I have.
Those are the reasons why I write code for free. Now the reasons
_why I publish the code_, when I could as well keep it to myself:
- So that it may bring value to users and the free software community.
- Show my work as an artist.
- To get into contact with other developers.
- And it's a nice change to put some more polish on my private projects.
Most of those reasons don't yet justify GPL. The main point of the GPL, as far
as I understand: The GPL makes sure the software stays free software until
eternity. That the user of the software always stays in control. That the users
have _at least the means_ to adapt the software to new platforms or use cases.
Even if the original authors don't maintain the software anymore.
It ultimately prevents _"vendor lock in"_. I really dislike vendor lock in,
especially as developer. Especially as developer I want and need to stay
in control of the computers I use.
Another point is, that my work has a value. If I give away my work without
_any_ strings attached, I effectively work for free. Work for free for
companies. I would compromise the price I can demand for my skill, workforce
and time.
This makes two reasons for me to choose the GPL:
1. I do not want to support vendor lock in scenarios. At least not for free.
I want to prevent those when I have a choice.
And before you ask, yes I work for a company that sells closed source
software. I am not happy about the closed source fact.
But it pays my bills and gives me the freedom to write free software
in my free time.
2. I don't want to low ball my own wage and prices by giving away free software
with no strings attached (for companies).
# Contribution
Unless you explicitly state otherwise, any contribution intentionally submitted
for inclusion in WLambda by you, shall be licensed as AGPLv3,
without any additional terms or conditions.
# Authors
* Weird Constructor <>
(You may find me as `WeirdConstructor` on the Rust Discord.)