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Space Ship Cargo Game - A space trading and collector game
This is just a simple try for now. Getting down some ideas, playing
around. I want to see if I can start with some small idea, and build
upon that.
This is a weird game about you flying a space ship, mining raw matter and
trading with merchants on space stations. The art style is a blend of
# Keep up to date
@ -83,18 +83,16 @@ This makes two reasons for me to choose the GPL:
2. I don't want to low ball my own wage and prices by giving away free software
with no strings attached (for companies).
## If you need a permissive or private license (MIT)
Please contact me if you need a different license and really want to use
my code. As long as I am the only author, I can change the license.
We might find an agreement.
# Contribution
Unless you explicitly state otherwise, any contribution intentionally submitted
for inclusion in WLambda by you, shall be licensed as GPLv3 or later,
for inclusion in this project by you, shall be licensed as GPLv3 or later,
without any additional terms or conditions.
For assets the minimum is the CC BY-NC license
( )
or CC BY-NC-SA ( ).
# Asset Licenses and Attribution
Please refer to `assets/`.