An(other) open source 3D printer project
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Weird Constructor 756ec21a8f new bracket z lm10uu mount 10 months ago
lib added corner brackets to the cross 10 months ago
models_extern Progress on the new print head 11 months ago
.gitignore Started to design heat bed holder 1 year ago reference recent 2 blog entries 11 months ago
lcd12864_mount-base.stl Designed LCD mount for the MakerGrid 12 months ago
lcd12864_mount.blend Changed Z gantry holder and improved belt way 12 months ago
petg_settings_build_cubes-1x1.3mf Modeled a Slot Profile Type B Nut 6 1 year ago
weirdcube-spring_base.stl changed bed spring holders 11 months ago
weirdcube-z_bottom_hold.stl fixed bottom Z rod holds 11 months ago
weirdcube.blend Started new WeirdCube concept 11 months ago
weirdcube_cross.blend new bracket z lm10uu mount 10 months ago

WeirdCube 3D Printer

This will be the project documentation, it will hold all CAD files for construction and printing the parts. I will also add other documentary material I deem interesting.

For more details, please read my blog articles about the WeirdCube:


WeridCube by Weird Constructor is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution - Non-Commercial - Share Alike license.