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Docs: do not mention premake

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@ -17,25 +17,13 @@ WaveSabre has a new [CMake]( based build-system that can gene
- Optionally, you can also specify `-DVSTDIR=<some-path>` to copy the VST plugins into your DAW's VST plugin directory upon build.
- Open the generated solution from the build directory, and proceed as normal.
### PreMake + Visual Studio (legacy!)
WaveSabre can also use Premake 5.0 to generate project files.
- Download a Premake 5.0 binary from here:
- Unzip, and put premake5.exe in a system folder so that it exists in $PATH
- run `premake5 $BUILDTARGET --vstdir=$VSTPATH`
- `$BUILDTARGET` is the build system you want to generate a build for, e.g. *vs2013*. See premake documentation for other options.
- `$VSTPATH` is the location of your VST plugins, e.g `"C:\Program Files (x86)\Steinberg\VstPlugins"`. WaveSabre will copy DLLs here after successful builds.
- The VST project files will be generated in a *build* subfolder. Open the solution from the project root, and proceed as normal.
- Note that most of the C++ projects in the repo only have proper Release configurations, and may fail to build in Debug. This is normal; prefer using Release builds.
## New Device Check List
- Add device to WaveSabreCore/Devices.h
- Add device to WaveSabreConvert/Song.cs
- Add device to WaveSabrePlayer/include/SongRenderer.h
- Add device to WaveSabreStandAlongPlayer/main.cpp
- Add device to Vsts/premake5.lua
- Re-run cmake or premake to create new Vst project file
- Re-run cmake to create new Vst project file
- Add Build dependencies for WaveSabreCore and WaveSabrePlayer to VST Project
- Profit!