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5 years ago
# WaveSabre [![License](](
Official WaveSabre repository
## Description
5 years ago
WaveSabre is a software synthesizer and toolchain for music for [64K intros](
5 years ago
See [our docs]( for more info.
5 years ago
## Status/contributing
As WaveSabre is hot and fresh right out of the oven, we've got some kinks to work out; particularly with documentation, support for latest Visual Studio versions, and supporting various VST SDK versions. We'd appreciate any help we can get on any of these fronts, so please talk to us on Slack so we can guide you in the right direction and help you help us!
Contributions are very welcome, however as the public release is still in its infancy, we'd greatly appreciate it if we could discuss contributions on Slack, rather than just opening up for pull requests for the time being, in order to avoid duplicate work. This will change in the future when things mature/settle down a bit. :)
## Productions
5 years ago
WaveSabre has been used in several intros and demos by [logicoma](, including:
- [backscatter](, 2015
- [elysian](, 2016
- [engage](, 2017
- [soundproof motion]( (with [fairlight](, 2017
- [iota](, 2018
- [bros before foes]( (with [poo-brain](, 2018
- [trashpanda](, 2018 well as several other executable music entries and smaller productions.
5 years ago
## Talks/seminars
5 years ago
- [Massive Sound, Tiny Data - WaveSabre 64k Synth]( ferris/h0ffman, [demobit]( 2019
5 years ago
- [Ferris Makes Demos Ep.001 - WaveSabre]( ferris, 2017 stream
5 years ago
- [WaveSabre - A Case Study in 64k Synthesis]( ferris, [the gathering 2013](
## License
WaveSabre is licensed under the MIT license (see [LICENSE](LICENSE) or