3D Printed grid system as base experimentation platform for makers.
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MakerGrid - A 3D Printed grid system for makers

This system allows you to temporarily setup electronics or other devices on an extensible modular base platform:

MakerGrid Demonstration Prototype

The base is this 12x12cm big and 1cm high base platform:

MakerGrid 12x12cm base platform with 2x2cm clip grid

The primary base platform is 12x12cm big, 1cm high and has a 2x2cm grid for clipping in all sorts of stuff, such as:

  • Bread boards
  • Electronics modules such as:
    • Arduino Uno / Nano
    • Raspberry Pi 4
    • Raspberry Pi Pico

The system is extensible as with the generic clip design you can make your own models to clip into the board. A clip looks like this:

MakerGrid Clip

The clips hold well in the holes, you will need either strong fingers or pliers to pull them out again. The clip arms will be printed with 3 0.4mm thick walls, which provide enough flexibility while also holding tight. The clips also provide a rotational stability.

The advantage of this system that connects holes is also, that if you damage a clip, you can reprint them quickly.

There is a whole palette for holdes/clip holders to choose from in the clip.blend file:

MakerGrid Clip Palette

Prior Art

I was inspired by:

Maker Grid Types:

  • Regular Full: MakerGrid 12x12cm base platform with 2x2cm clip grid
  • Type B: MakerGrid 12x12cm base platform type B
  • Type C: MakerGrid 12x12cm base platform type C
  • Type D: MakerGrid 12x12cm base platform type D


  • Build Cubes in sizes 1x1, 3x1, 7x1, 11x1, 15x1 offer a way to extend the maker grid into 3 dimensions.
    • Also with a slim variant that has the "_s" as postfix.
    • And a base extension variant, that can be plugged to the side of the MakerGrid bases with an "_x" postfix.

MakerGrid Build Cubes

  • Raspberry Pi 2/3/4 B Holder

Raspberry Pi Holder

  • Raspberry Pico Holder

Raspberry Pi Pico Holder

  • Make sure to checkout the subdirectory blender for more!

Basically you can print it in any way you like, but I recommend following settings for printing:

  • 0.4mm nozzle
  • 0.3mm layer height
  • For the clips themself I recommend a wall thickness of 1.6mm: Sliced Maker Grid Clip For the other parts even 0.8mm works fine.

The rest you can vary to your likings. I printed it in PLA. Not tried it in PETG or ABS/ASA yet, but should be even better for the clips (due to better flexibility).


3D MakerGrid by Weird Constructor is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution - Share Alike license.